Sky Customer Service Calls And Charges

For any reasons associated with the Sky account, the Customer Services Team of Sky can be reached. There is no restriction as to the number of calls that are done through the contact information. The Sky Customer Service contact number to call in the UK is 844 385 1222.

The number is listed on the website and is a direct dial number for you to use to speak to a team member. Changes in the account, user information and receiving notification about the service can be managed with the Sky Customer Service department and its advisor’s.

Calling Sky

The person doing the Sky calling in the UK must be over 18 years old and must have the owner of the bill’s permission that he can act in his/her capacity. If the call is done from a BT landline the customer will only be charged 5p per minute of call. Different rates may apply if a different supplier or mobile phone carrier is used. There are connection fees to consider too. It is wise to ask first how much it may cost you before placing the actual call.

Sky is known in the broadcasting industry as the one with the undisputed sports coverage. It excels over the competition. They also have the best deals for new customers and existing ones alike. For existing customers wishing to upgrade, Sky has very good options and choices.

Direct Dial

As the number above is a direct dial, one does not have to deal with too much waiting time and can speak directly to the customer service department to answer their need. As it connects directly, no more third party access needed so the answer can come and be resolved using the given phone number.

If a new client wishes the services of Sky, or if an existing one wants modifications in the current services they signed up for, calling the customer service number will place you in contact with the Sky Customer Service department right away.

The UK number can be called for any purpose. This may include the availing of a newly introduced service or the deactivation of the existing account. You can likewise call for a suspension of services. When the customer calls on the service number,

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Available Options

Anyone would be provided with all the available options and would be assisted in case of other queries when s/he calls the service number.

To understand further the cost of calls in the UK, one should get familiar with the use of service numbers. Service numbers are the ones made to contact companies, directory listings and even to vote for TV shows.

The cost of these numbers usually starting at 08, 09 or 118 used to be difficult to obtain. It has now changed under the new system called UK Calling. Under this new system the cost of calling the service numbers is made clear for all. It has now become the biggest change to date in doing telephone calls in the UK. This is in place since July of 2015.

UK Calling

There are two parts to UK calling: Access and service charges.

Access charge applies. It goes to the phone company you are using. The computation is at per pence per minute. It is shown in the phone bill and when you sign for a contract. How much the access charge for calls to service numbers will be stated clearly.

A service charge applies. This computation is for the rest of the call charges. The destination of your call computes and tells you how much it is.

Three Decades Of Sky Ruling TV Entertainment


For almost three decades, Sky has become known as the United Kingdom’s main source of telecommunications services. In laying out the grounds for three main services: Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk, Sky has taken all things connected to media, internet and mobile into an entirely different level. The Sky group is considered a leader in almost all of these categories. The 20 million subscribers trusting this company can never go wrong.

It was the combined strength of Sky Television and British Satellite Corporation that brought forth what Sky is today. It has been known ever since as the British Sky Broadcasting. Across Europe, Sky has provided a lot of its services too.

At One Location

The mindset that Sky brings about to the consumers is that everything must be found at one location. With its constant offers of looping all TV, talk and broadband into one package, Sky is able to fulfil its business mindset. The consumers won’t have to shop around any more searching for choices from one provider to another.

Sky TV offers a number of different channels, for this purpose several Sky TV packages are easily available. There is an open choice to watch catch-up TV (online), and the best way to get good deals is to acquire all of the items together. You can go for a monthly package comprising of Sky TV, a phone line and broadband.

Still no business is without competition. And with competition comes issues from customers. Sky is no exception. It has come to a government arm’s attention that subscribers are having a hard time opting out of their plans.

Ofcom’s Probe

There is quite a number of subscribers who wrote to Ofcom complaining that Sky hasn’t really cancelled their contracts. They later on discovered that their subscriptions have continued and remained in force despite their request to discontinue. There are rules in the UK that state providers must not make it difficult for subscribers to unsubscribe when they want to. The United Kingdom regulators are looking Footer_2.png_1966569169intently at Sky as they have been getting formal complaints that it has become difficult for customers to leave their contracts with the media giant.

Other TV content providers are also under Ofcom’s careful watch.

Being unable to cancel one’s contract can be considered an unfair treatment in any business. The customers must file its request both with their provider and with Ofcom to make it formal. Ofcom said that customers must feel that they have been treated unfairly prompting them to file a formal complaint against Sky. The regulator has continued speaking to consumers and monitoring if there are more complaints coming in despite the onset of an investigation.

Sky’s Confirmation

Sky has confirmed that it is being probed by Ofcom. They said that their company is working closely with Ofcom in helping find the truth in the accusation.

Sky, however claims that a cancellation of service can be done in less than half an hour. Be it for TV, phone or broadband cancellations, one will only have to pick up the phone and dial the Sky contact number to walk out of the contract. Sky also said that it can also be done online or by using the live chat system.