Tips to Reduce Stress When Facing a DUI Charge

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a criminal charge that you may face after choosing to operate a motor vehicle when intoxicated. It’s dangerous and leaves many lives at-risk. The more DUI offenses on your record, the worse the consequences become if you’re convicted. It’s scary to know that your life is in the hands of a judge, especially when charged with DUI. But, the following tips are available to help make things a little less stressful during this situation.

·    Avoid risks altogether by avoiding driving if you’ve consumed alcohol or drugs that may cause drowsiness or adverse reactions.

·    Talk to a lawyer. It may seem okay to go to court without a lawyer, but it’s a mistake that could cost you dearly. Lawyers ensure that your voice is heard at your trial and works to reduce the penalties if you’re found guilty of DUI.

·    Invoke your right to remain silent. Police will use what you say against you in court and it could harm your case!

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·    Take the field sobriety tests the office presents to you during the initial stop. Failing to take these tests may result in an automatic DUI charge and more trouble when it’s your day in court.

Remember, bail bonds Beaver County PA make getting out of jail easier if you’re arrested for DUI. Bondsmen charge a fraction of the bond amount so it’s easier to collect the cash to make the bond. And, you’ll be out of jail faster if a bondsman is there. Jail is scary and so is facing a DUI charge, but there is assurance knowing that bondsman help in the darkest hour so you’re free and able to better prepare for your big day in court.